Chris Tucker is back again with a national stand-up comedy tour.

Detective James Carter in the 'Rush Hour trilogy', fun making actor Chris Tucker is back again after four years. Chris Tucker posed on the stage of the Shoreline Amphitheater, in Mountain View, California, USA on August 13 night, clad in leather jacket and dark sunglasses, as he absorbed the cheers and applause of the crowd. To the 20,000 or so enthusiastic audience members at the Wild 94.9 Comedy Jam, his entrance alone was a satisfying end to what felt like an eternity of anticipation.

Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour
The 38 years old comedian is back with 18 date national stand-up comedy tour, a tour that began in July 19 from Long Beach, CA and it will continue till November 26, in Oakland, CA. As he relaxed in an upscale hotel room in nearby East Palo Alto, hours before a standup set in which he riffed on his celebrity lifestyle, his A-list friends and his vertiginous tax bill, Mr. Tucker said that all the questions he gets about his hiatus are probably a sign that he took one without realizing it.

“It doesn’t really feel like it,” Mr. Tucker said, his voice rising from subdued to cartoonishly squeaky, “until people say, ‘Hey, where you been?’ I’ll be like: ‘I’ve been here. I’ve been living.’ ”

Ice Cube and Tucker in Friday
Tucker, in an interview, also  told about  doing Rush Hour, “When I got to ‘Rush Hour,’ ” he said, “I felt like: O.K., I’ve proven myself as the pinnacle. Now where’s all the bigger movies?” For this film only he pushed other more ambitious roles. He said, the parts he was offered were too similar to “Rush Hour” and “frankly, just weren’t good enough.” So Mr. Tucker said he simply rejected them rather than accept projects to stay in the public eye. The 'Last Friday' and 'Rush Hour 4' will hit the screen next year and will make us enjoy the fun he projects naturally.

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