Jessica Alba believes in "empowering kids" as she things they can be "saving the world."

The "Sexiest Woman in the World" 2007 and one of's "99 Most Desirable Women" 2006, Jessica Alba things that the coming ages are for the youngs an d that's the reason she believes in 'empowering kids.' That may be one of the reasons why she signed up to "Spy Kids 4: All the time in the World."

She said, "I'm a fan of the director, Robert Rodriguez, and the 'Spy Kids' movies. I love how he empowers kids in his movies. It's not just the grown-ups that get to do all the cool action and take part in saving the world." "It's the kids, and so I think that's really neat," she added. "And then he knew that I wanted to do a kid's movie after I had my daughter. So when he suggested it, I was cool."

This 30 years old actress has two daughters, Honor Marie Warren (born 2008) and Haven Garner Warren (born 2011) by her husband Cash Warren (2008–present). She was doubtful whether she could take the decition if she was not a mother. She said "I don’t know if I would have even done this movie if I wasn’t a parent, so I actually brought my real life experience to work. It was more natural and I’ve been in a lot of those circumstances for sure."

The premiere of the film was held on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 4 PM followed by a carnivalat 6 PM, all at OSS Spy Headquarters, The Long Center for the Performing Arts (701 Riverside), Los Angeles, California. Stars of the film attending include Jessica Alba, her hubby Cash Warren, Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Rowan Blanchard and Tiger Darrow with writer, director and producer Robert Rodriguez, producers Elizabeth Avellán and Rebecca Rodriguez.

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